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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that needs a quick answer? Check out the some of the more common questions we receive and their respective answers below.  We’ll try to keep this updated with any relevant questions you may have.

Quotes & Invoicing

  • How can I get a quote?

    • Hit up our Request A Quote form page and fill out as much information as possible and we’ll shoot you back a quote within a couple of hours.  You can also call us directly with all of your info at 214.503.0570 and we can give you a quick quote over the phone or email you something more precise.
  • What’s your minimum?

    • For 1 color prints our minimum is 12 pieces, that would be in 1 location.  Anything outside of that is 25 piece minimum
  • Got my quote and would like to place my order, now what?

    • Simple, every quote has an APPROVE button at the top, just push that button which lets us know you have approved the quote and would like to proceed with your order.  We will send over a payment request for the deposit (or in full if requested) through email which can be paid online or called in to pay with credit card over the phone.  You can also pay through Paypal by sending the requested amount to  Just remember to contact us to let us know you sent your payment via Paypal.
  • What’s the deposit amount?

    • Our standard deposit amount is 70% of total invoice, with the remaining balance due on pickup. In the instance that you would prefer to just pay the entire amount up front, just let us know and we’ll send over the payment request for the full amount.
  • Deposit’s been paid, now what?

    • Once paid, your quote will convert to an invoice.  You can always go back to your email containing the link to view your quote and it will now display an invoice with your applied deposit and will show you your final balance.  If we haven’t already, a proof with your mockup and print specs will be sent to you before we go to print.
  • How long will it take to complete my order?

    • Our normal turnaround time is approximately 7-10 business days.  Turnaround times can’t always be guaranteed 100% of the times.  During some times of the year, turnaround times can increase due to heavier work loads or due to garment shipping taking longer than usual, like during the holidays in December, where shippers experience larger volumes in shipping and distributors/vendors have holiday hours which reduce the ordering window.


Art Files & Printing

  • What kind of file type do you accept?

    • For 1 color prints we accept pretty much any kind of high resolution file, including PDF, AI, PSD, JPG, EPS, & PNG.  For 2 colors or more we prefer a layered file like PSD or AI.
    • We can color separate from any file type listed above, the most important thing is to make sure you create your artwork in a high resolution format.
    • If you created your artwork in Photoshop, make sure its created at 300dpi and sized to print.  It will be difficult to get a clean print if you created your artwork at 3″ big but want it printed at 13″, even if your artwork is set to 300dpi.
    • If you created your artwork in Illustrator, then 99% of the time there are no worries.  You can create your art however big and we can resize to what ever size you want and not loose any resolution.
  • Anything else to keep in mind when sending my art files?

    • Be sure you rasterize your font layers in Photoshop and that you convert to outlines your text in Illustrator.
  • What’s your maximum print size?

    • Our max print size is 15″x18″
  • How many colors can you print?

    • We can print up to 6 colors
  • Can you print locations other than just the front or back of shirts?

    • Yup! We can print sleeves, short or long, the side of the shirt, inside tags, and in some cases we can print on the hoods of pullover or zip hoodies.